Replacement of the rear light bulb Chery Sweet. How to remove the bumper on Deo Matiz matiz

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In kind clearly. They reminded me about the cambrick and the lighter... A good method. But I'll pull from the ceiling light. The light of the feet has already done from there.
How do I enable the Send me home feature? I turned it on once for free somehow, but I don't know how I did it.
change the disks to other ones, these are somehow not very
Gord Gadzhaliev
FIAT DOBLO, THE LOCATION OF THE FUSES IN the engine take off the roller
How will the GAIANS react!?LEDs and xenon under deprivation if not factory presets! In the Kruzak of the 10th year of release, I put the LED in the fogs, the GAITERS warned me-I was DEPRIVED of E?? and I wanted to stick it in the GRAND STAREX.
Fenomenov Ridvan
It really works, my car after painting the wing left a shagreen that was not closed, the same thing was recommended with toothpaste helped
Urushkin Alistar
On the headlight 2105-07. If you take OSVAR or at least Kirzhach, the light will certainly be adequate.

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