Замена стартера Dodge Caliber. Starter replacement Dodge Caliber 8L 2.0L 2.4L Jeep Install Remove Replace

Starter replacement Dodge Caliber 8L 2.0L 2.4L Install Remove Replace. Removing the throttle body helps get it out. The procedure in this video...

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Shalom Aleichem What about removing the battery completely and the breather box, wouldn't that help make more clearance? Baruch haba b'shem YaHuah AAPiY MiKaEl
Бакмин Палестин
Hey, I replaced my starter aswell, it starts fine and everything. but now I'm hearing a rattle when I'm driving from a low speed to a high speed.. do the gears in the starter need to be set a certain way putting it in or?
Парвицкая Гулчехра
Ese motor esta asqueroso...deberian limpiarlo antes...
Hey can you help me... I replaced mines and put battery cables back on and it did not crank... Then I unhooked the neg. cable for a few minutes it started fine cut off and tried to start it and it wouldnt start. So do the computer need to be reset?
Талант Салижанов
Can you post a video on replacing the starter on a jeep patriot cause this video says it but cannot see when you switch vehicles
Hi Please can you help. i just had my egr valve replaced on my Dodge Caliber 2007 and the garage couldn't figure where he need to put once air cable. i can send the picture of the cable to you if you don't mind
saved me some money brother,big up too your video...have a brew on me.???????
Your video was great for helping me change out my 2007 Jeep Patriot starter.  My jeep has the 2.4L so your process was great.  Much appreciated. 
Филд Ульпи
Я тоже удалил,но ставил конус переход 100 на 50 и заварил полуавтоматом,но на лямбду ставил обманку,так как выбивало ошибку. Я езжу на газу,удалил по причине что бы машину сделать резвее,пока не жалею прошел больше 20тыс.,расход меньше,тяга лучше, только думаю дроссельную заслонку может перепрошить а то когда педаль газа пускаешь обороты быстро падают
Здравствуйте Валерий. Отличный канал и очень полезный. Скажите пожалуйста, во круг счеток обязательно картонный изолятор ставить?
Эверест Похвищев
just ndid it few days ago on 3.8l engine...i didnt reomeve o2 sensor or engine mount...reached in with long socket with flex head rached and removed starter bolts.they have holes in the engine mount bracket to reach bolts with deep socket,i believe it was 14mm...with help of a big pry bar pry the engine backwards and starter came out in milimeters..i didnt touch o2 sensor or engine mount,,took me about 30_40 min...u need a big pry bar to rock the engine backwards to slide the starter betbeen transmission and frame..hope that helps

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