Замена датчика скорости Dodge Caravan. Hyundai Santafe 2003 проблема с датчиком спидометра, часть 1

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Калтя Герц
Like a Dennis Hopper auto guru, blue velvet auto fix...
Great video thanks for sharing! I almost removed my pump in my 1995 Subaru Legacy Wagon, but found that I have another problem - I've checked my pump and am getting no power to it. (Your video showed me which wires to check for power, so thanks for that!) Now have to try to figure out what's causing that. I do have symptoms of other electrical issues - like the fact that the radio antenna goes up & down on it's own accord when the ignition is on, even though the radio is turned off. Someone suggested checking the ground wires in the engine compartment, but besides the battery ground wire, where are the others?... Back to work.
Тортунов Калин
Can I pass smog with an abs light on?
Стебельцева Тансылу
Kindly share language change link thanks
it's is weird looking? try indian cars
Левтерева Сорока
buy a classic car, no bullshit to go wrong.
When testing the fuse with the test light, does the ignition have to be on and does somebody need to depress the brakes while the other person is testing the fuse???
So I don't necessarily need to buy one? I could just ' Adjust ' it and everything hopefully will get better?
Awesome car Mike
Добрый день на ваз 2112 где находится этот датчик...заранее спасибо
современные тачки по сравнению с камаро по дизайну полное г. мне очень тачки тех годов нравятся
Hey Scotty. I have a 2004 Nissan Frontier 2.4 L with 144,000 miles. My Odometer trip A & B recently started resetting every time I turn the truck off. Don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but my remote and internal electric door locks quit working as well. I manually have to lock both doors from the inside. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Картусов Арташ
Hi Bro. mene apni car all injector change kiye hai lekin black smoke phir v a raha coding v ki hai. thanks
Ярилкина Алмас
9:10 'instilation is the opposite of removal' Who could've known.
Приветствую! Спасибо за видео. А если АКПП на холодную пинает при переключении, а после прогрева работает без проблем?
What if you have odb I.?
Подоляник Наум
Nice busting out the knockometer!
я л бы себе его никогда не постави
lucky the tone wheel is intact for most cars its dead.
What is music name?
двигатель насоса охлаждается за счет бензина,так надолго глушить движение можно сжечь насос
no mame 10 mil pesos por cambiar un sensor jajajajajaja hasta creeee
Great video thanks a lot I'm replacing my clock spring. Question does the sensor have to be replaced? Also has Chrysler ever figured out why the Dodge Charger goes into limp mode. Seems to happen when it's cold. once I shut it off and restart it it's good for the rest of the day does the module have to be reset thanks for any help.

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