Замена ремня кондиционера GMC Jimmy. How to Rebuild an Alternator : How to Replace Worn Alternator Brushes

Worn out alternator brushes are the most common reason an alternator fails or breaks down. Learn how to replace the alternator brushes in these free auto repair video instructions featuring a certified mechanic. Expert: Nathan McCullough Bio: Nathan McCullough graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College with a GPA of 3.5 and received their Craftsmanship Award and Honor Seal. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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'Put the tooth pick in, next spread some peanut butter all over your junk and yodel to the sound of satins charm dance!' this video is horrible
I replaced brushes on my ford ranger alternator without removing it from vehicle! Still working 3 years later.
Might wanna zip that fly so your'nut doesnt slip out' too, bro. Might use a toothpick to keep it in place...LOL
I hate when that happens!
I think you should hold it out over the engine so when you drop a piece it falls dow in there where you get to look for it for 20 minutes...just kidding, thanks man.
Лисафьева Тансылу
this is way easier than the one I just had to do for my Lada haha
Thankyou so much, I watch lots of you videos because im tired of being jerked around by repair shops. About two years ago I realised that motors are not such a mistery, sure I have made mistakes along the way but just the same as the ' professonals'. All the time people take cars to the repair shops, payed big bills only for the same problem to come back weeks later. The repair shops never take any resonsibility, If questioned they real out a load of bull.
just like that!!! just like so!!!
The video is informative, but after you said 'just like so' for the millionth time in less than 4 minutes, I cringed.
Мефодий Сюникаев
Replying to myself, These questions are being asked alot lately, next week i ame making 3 videos: -how to test a rectifier -how to test a rotor -how to test a stator.
Горват Бибе
is this the same way to remove alternator from corola 94??
Геморный движок как я понял.Ее на финики еще ставят,которых облюбовали мотористы как одни из прибыльных)
Арсельгова Лагута
Ну хоть бы показал свечу, чтоб народ посмотрел. Одной из основных причин выхода из строя катушки увеличенный зазор в следствии выгорания контактов.
Солтыцкая Тиф
у меня в свое время 0,9 качал
Ferry good doc. Thanks
Падюкин Гир
Классно придумали;)У себя попробую так же
Уалихан Матюнков
Wow, that shower solution in the best ever
дружище а с моторчиком не сталкивался? че реально снимать всю торпеду или через верхний бардачек подлезиш?

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