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Арсалан Вилинов
Макс привет. Скажи ты нашол смотровой болт уровня масла в АКПП
I have a 2001 ford f150 supper crew and I was wandering can you bypass the pats anti theft system?
Super Dave...fabulous job on this video. I sell a few Subaru for a friend that rebuilds salvage title cars. Now I know why the bumper cover doesn't always fit properly...especi ally on the 2010-2014 Outbacks. Seems like the clips that snap in on the side of the bumper cover don't hold that well. You did a fantastic job on this! Thank you.
Scotty, is the Jaguar x-type a piece of crap? Rebadged Taurus?
Петухи за кадром ... кукарекать
You didnt show where is located the relay?? Inside the engine? In the trunk?? What kind a car are you trying to teach? Model Brand etc)
It worked for me i got a 05 WRX STi but the key fob only unlocks the car. It doesn’t lock it
Un favor quisiera saber el modelo de la base soporte frontal de esa camioneta lo que pasa es yo compre una chocada y no se como pedirla porfa ayudame
Hey, I just replaced the starter on my '92 accord and idk why but when I start it up the starter makes a whining noise like it's slipping on the flywheel. I've done a text book installation and made sure the starter bolts were on the correct sides, didn't over tighten the starter, and lined it up perfect. Any ideas why this is happening?
спасибо огромное
Hi I drive a 2013 Chevrolet beat 1.2 petrol. My battery is new and the lights on the dash do come on. But the car wont start. We had to push it to start it. After driving abut 10 kilometre when I switched it off it won't start again. So is the problem with starter motor or the ignition switch. Cuz my battery is new. Also a few days ago the rear tail light went off and came back automatically. Please suggest a fix. I do have an obd scan tool.
Здравствуйте а чем так отмыли стартер
Chevy motor? nonono
Thanks I have car problems all the time u always have the solution
Kilmer you magnificent bastard... You are a true asset to the internet, keep up the humorous and informative work amigo!!
Шейтуцалов Кук
Thanks for the tutorial. You're a better mechanic than a video editor. I greatly appreciate your effort though. Keep up the good work!!!
Couple of tips for ya. When you change your oil drizzle a little left over oil on your battery terminals.Corrosion doesn't grow well in an oily environment As for the cracks in your fingers, I use super glue on mine.
Super video. Hate to think what a stealership would charge for all that labour! Taxi drivers always know the cheapest way to keep motoring.
Кощелев Шарап
Paul at 28:58 you could read a customers private details.

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