Замена втулки стабилизатора Toyota Ist. Начали ремонт рактис

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Very helpfull. Thanks for posting it.
vse super, blin..nu krilya bi nakrivali chem nibud...a to tak tsarapini na tele alfi ostavlyaete...obratil vnimanie..ne voorujennim glazom. na 12;08 sekunde. terlis plastikovimi zaklepkami o krilo...:(...a tak konechno vi molodets...chinit pravilno italyantsa ne mnogie umeyut...
Подскажите пожалуйста при повороте руля в лево возникает хруст в левой стороне а в право в правой стороне.Это опорные подшипники или что то другое?
A nice feature, not sure if you'd be allowed to, would be to post what the repair cost was through a shop (or how many labor hours are allocated/charged for this). This would help people know (a minimum) of how long it will take and if it is worth doing themselves or not. Just a thought. I'll be checking out more of your videos though, you do a good job of explaining what is going on. 
Hi Eric, I have been watching your videos for a few years. I am very grateful and thankful for your educational videos and for sharing your time with everyone. The reason I am writing today is because I have a 2006 outback legacy and have had nothing but a terrible experience with mechanics working on this car. I have decided to take things into my own hands and giving this a shot. I have been a driveway mechanic for over 15 years but never tackled a Subaru and I am finding it to be a bit challenging at times. Here is the list of issues at this time: Currently the sunroof is temperamental, the traction control light comes on with cold starts indicating that the traction control is off. After warming up the car and driving about 10 mins, I can restart the car and traction control light disappears indicating that it is working. The passenger side rear strut makes a strange noise during initial acceleration. The rear diff shoots and shutters the car forward in 1st and 2nd. it's an auto transmission. A tow truck driver decided to tow it on the rear wheels about 7 miles and the next day the car started doing this. So far I drained and filled the transmission fluid and would like to take on changing the front and rear diff fluid but I cannot locate the drain plugs. Any help is greatly appreciated? Thanks
Ува Элпидинская
Question How do you know when you need upper control arms
Бадердинова Заряна
Подскажи артикул подъёмника.
Ну и где как ставить, чё не сняли, проблематично что ли, отличается право от лево, верх от низа, ну уж если взялись нужно было сделать до конца
Гала Новратцкая
Great video! What is the name of the flexible bit at 1:11?
Hello, your video has helped me so much. I have been trying to figure out what the noise is that is coming from the front left side of my Ford F-150 for a while now. It sounds just like the sound you had in the Ford Escape. I just need to know what these are actually called so I can order them and have them replaced as soon as possible. Can you tell me what they are called and where I can get them from please? I have to take care of this myself because my husband works so much that he never has the time. So I’m on my own?. Thanks

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