Замена воздушного фильтра ВАЗ 21150. КАК СНЯТЬ И ПРОЧИСТИТЬ САПУН ДВИГАТЕЛЯ. ВАЗ 2114

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what tires are you running?
Мариана Шахдинарова
I'm having an issue with my 2005 Chrysler Pacifica where it won't start at all. I got a code P0304 and another code (forgot the number), but it's related to gas regulation. Looked up the code and it could be a dirty fuel filter. Unfortunately, I need to drop the gas tank to get to the thing which we both agree is VERY stupid. It does nothing different being inside the tank except being a pain to get to.
Great Video, Very nice
loving the pepsi cans :P
Ленихов Проф
Wow thats fast!
nice sound
This filter fits Audi TT (Quattro) 00-06, Volkswagen Beetle 99-08, Cabrio 00-02, Golf 93-06, GTI 06-07, Jetta 93-05 and Passat 02-05. The model shown in this video is a 2005 Audi TT...! good
Аршак Судалин
Un grand merci?
That video was very helpful! It always hard to know where to apply pressure when a part has to be 'unclipped'. Hardest part was getting the fusebox out of the way!
Кирил расход 10.5 город на карбюраторе 2105 или раньше стоял родной карбюратор потому как карбюратор для моторов 1.2-13 л. твоему двигателю 1.6 л. Возможно у тебя троечный мотор тогда тарировка такая = х..х 50 ' Распыл у.н.-.( ; 162. Хочешь оставь свою тарировку (107.5 ; 150) Расход станет меньше.(твой карбюратор 2107-20 с тарировкой 125 150 - заводская.)! = 1.6 л.
сними еще как топливный фильтр менять.
Чуфоров Миха
Does this go for the 03 Chevy Silverado 1500 as well?
I understand the both of have different backgrounds, in my experience, flushing is not good simply because you don't get a chance to change the filter and retorque the valve body bolts, who knows if the tech even uses the correct fluid in the flush machine. In 2014 GM rep's also asked that their transmissions do NOT get flushed. Also a lot of newer vehicles have a thermostat in the cooler lines that will prevent very little if any fluid from being changed. I've never seen new fluid cause a transmission to go out, all the metallic specs get stopped at the filter and therefore don't help a thing. Changing old fluid is not going to hurt but what will is if the vehicle has sat for years and then driven to get the fluid change, that trans was going to go out anyway. There's no proof either way this is just my opinion. Thanks Chris love your vids.
Спасибо. У меня еs300 тоже долго заводится по утрам. Вот в чем проблема
Im tryin to find what the problem with mine The car start and drive but no power Maybe its could be the problem?
Thanks! Three years later and the car is still on the road with 260k miles on it.
Жупар Ениколотова
bonjour j'ai mon chauffage qui c'est arrete pas d'electricite sur le boitier de la porte les fusibles sont bons merci De bien vouloir m'aider Renault espace 4 2.2dci merci

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