Замена ремня безопасности Volvo 240. PNP Park neutral position switch replacement cleaning. Error code P0705, Volvo 850, S70, etc. - VOTD

PNP Switch: 60 to 90 minutes ($95/$290/$400) WARNING: When you unplug this PNP switch, the car will NO LONGER know that it is in PARK and MAY ROLL...

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Особенно тот что в шапке порадовал)))
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Аади Буфельфель
Из за бибикалки, проверь контакты на звуковом сигнале
если каждый из вас хотябы по рублю кинет на сберкарту то будем делать кап ремонт. Сниму все подробно. Сбербанк карта Буду очень благодарен.
Hallo... hab dich heute zum ersten Male gesehen. Sehr gute Anleitungen... Hut ab. :-)... So einen Nachbar hatte ich gern, hab namlich auch einen 206 er. ;-)). Grusse aus dem schonen Rheinland
Idle speed 2001 galant
My 2004 cad deville that has been down for a year...I put fuel pump, fuel filter, both crankshaft sensors, then a camshaft sensor...4 new batteries... Its been a start no run most of the time...then after the sensor and batt I go to start it...it sounds like a washing Machine on spin with a bunch of parts in it...took it to a mechanic.. He claims its the timing...(what I figured way back it had jumped time)...being that it is a 8 cyl north I'm wondering how much damage it could have done? And will gm do anything? 104k miles very meticulously kept car...
not bad for a small car with ladder frame
На приоре видно было что скорость два раза больше было
... bhai!. mera ek request he ap se. ap ka Gypsy ka exhaust ka kya brand he? Our katna price he?
it was the engine sit, i have change one and the vibration is less now. but if am moving fast around 90-100 kmh the steering start vibrating and if you apply the breaks it trows you out of line, this is very serious please any idea 
Копчуков Кайф
Нью-Йорке это моя мечта  очень хочу побывать там
one of my go-to songs. I listen to it every day!
Пасатецкий Раиль
Worked for me!! Such a lifesaver... 2009 Nissan Versa
Кончавели Барон
That was easy enough. Thank you for this video
Geez. I've had my boxster for 2 years - I had no idea about the tow hook. Thank you!
Гроза Завачильская
я купил альфу
Can a regular person access the software and wiring diagrams you use to diagnose these ...? If so could you recommend any specific tools the regular guy can get?
The airbag lights on now
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..., это ...
Or a bad ground
Лец Рахат
Норик Дионисов
Привет, резинку натягивать, в армии козлик был, тебе просто не повезло, или резинка старая, вполне они натягиваются.
Женя класс!!! Спасибо отличные видосы.
My gti swift is doing the same thing this is the same engine aswell suzuki swift. Im hoping its my coil
Ботанцов Йосип
nope, moral of this video, witness total annhilation as we narrate and attempt to brain wash you into disregardingyour own common sense. This car is a death trap. The CAR cabin may survive but the G-forces upon impact will destroy a person from the inside out...my bones and organs don't have 'crush' zones edited to say I wrote my comment before watching the whole vid: the narrators acknowledge the person inside would not survive the impact

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